COVID-19 Updates



 We continue to provide vital and loving care for your pets during these stressful times.  As one of the first veterinary hospitals in our community to institute strict Covid-19 protocols we always have the safety of you, your pets, our team and our community at the forefront of everything we do.

Unfortunately, for the wellness and safety of everyone, no pet parents will be allowed inside the hospital (or, when needed, beyond our Pet Exchange Area) for the foreseeable future.


When you arrive with your pet:

  • Call us at (604)588-2626 from your vehicle
  • Provide us your cell phone number
  • Wait in your vehicle for us to contact you
  • When notified by our team, we will meet you outside to receive your pet (or, if needed, in our Pet Exchange Area of our lobby)
  • Please ensure that your cat is in a carrier and that your dog is leashed with a collar that cannot slip off
  • Our Veterinarian will examine your pet and call you for a complete history, to discuss and address any concerns and to formulate a treatment plan. We will then direct things over the phone from there

When you arrive for food or medications:

  • Call us at (604)588-2626 from your vehicle
  • Provide us your cell phone number
  • Wait in your vehicle for us to contact you
  • We will meet you at your vehicle with your food and/or medications


  • We will bring our debit/credit machine to your car for payment
  • We cannot accept cash at this time


  • Current Hospital Hours are updated weekly on Google

Thank you for your support and understanding during these difficult times.  We understand that things can be stressful.  We will continue to be a warm, caring and happy place for your furry family members.

Now Accepting New Clients!!!

We had to take a short break from seeing new pets for a couple of months due to a huge influx of pets during Covid-19 and the need to provide optimal care for our existing Guildford Animal Hospital clients. 
We are SO HAPPY to say that we are again able to meet you (at a safe social distance) and your pets:)
We are taking appointments for new clients as of April 15th. You can call us at (604)588-2626 to schedule…welcome to the Guildford Family.


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veterinary care in Surrey, BC for over 35 years.

Come and see what we’re all about…
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Our clients always comment on the clean and modern condition of our hospital.  Many say they wish they could have their own medical exams here! We always take pride in providing an amazing, comforting and relaxing experience for pets and their owners! New clients are always welcome to visit our hospital and to meet with our staff and veterinarians.

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